Freitag, Januar 23, 2009

Top Januar 2009

01.I:Cube - Supernovac (Live At The Lanchonette Version)
02.Bogdan Irkük - The Distant Message
03.Lindstrom - Breakfast In Heaven
04.Aril Brikha - Berghain Label
05.Menace & Adam - Missile Test
06.Kavinsky - Dead Cruiser
07.Justus Köhncke - Parage
08.Numatic - In The Morning(Lifelike remix)
09.Kris Benton - Snapshot
10.Matias Aguayo - Minimal(Dj Koze remix)

Steinmueller - Rubinrot

Steinmueller is a micro, deep- and techhouse project of Berlin
based Christian Steinmüler. His tracks are known for their dramturgic flow with focus on dynamics (tension and easing of tension) and the harmonic meshing of sounds. Massive souldeep floor killers volve and fill the room with bliss.

The debut of Steinmueller - Rubinrot - is like a little lucky bag. The surprising turnarounds and sound elements make up a deep techhouse trip with fat drums. Accentuated by subtle rhodes lines, broad chords and humming bass sounds the track gets the body swinging more often than not.

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