Mittwoch, Juli 16, 2008

KIDLAND feat MIKE SUH - Weekender

This hot dj/production team came together in 2006 & are starting to make a name for themselves across the continent with some excellent house & electro house productions, with singles out on CIRCLE, RHYTHEMETIC, OPEN BAR and WONTED. Then there was the slew of remixes on the likes of SOUTHERN FRIED, RESTART, CRISTIAN RECS and of course the couple of mixes they have done on QUEEP ORGANIC HOUSE last year. KIDLAND are Kid Chris (In Bed With Space Ibiza/Fuck Me Im Famous), Siland, Danny Dynamic, and D.Delic, & this track is a deep progressive vocal number with some serious crossove potential. MIKE SUH (aka Mike Leon Grosch) is one of Germany's most talented soulful voices. You can tell all the lads had fun working on the remixes, and just shows what you can do, some nice & different uses throughout. A.C.K. & SIMON POINT continue developing their own very unique & slightly urban electro sound with possibly one of their biggest remixes to date, ALEX B. GROOVE whips up the trance synths and aims directly at the main rooms, DANNY DYNAMIC makes his introduction to the label with a progresive sound that brings out the epic-ness of those vocals, and finally KRIS BENTON gives us something completely different, his dirtiest production to date and be jaysus, it works! Another one thats aiming for the big commercial rooms, this is an emotive monster! Release date soon.....

1- Original Mix (prog)
2- Kris Benton Remix (electro)
3- Alex B. Groove Trancey Mix (prog)
4- A.C.K. & Simon Point Remix (electro)
5- Danny Dynamic Remix (prog)
out very soon on Queep Organic House

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